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CODEIT is my baby and a simple IDE. It can handle Javascript, HTML, PHP , CSS, SQL, LESS, MD, XML. It is perfect to develope HTML5 applications directly online in the browser (best use with Google Chrome). CODEIT is very simple and not one of these inflated or overloaded IDE`s. The keyboard shortcodes are also well known because CODEIT use CodeMirror as a base.


  • develop HTML5 applications online
  • free software
  • dead simple IDE
  • support for JS, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, MD, LESS, PHP
  • compatible PHP version 5.3 - 7.0
  • ideal for smaller projects
  • multi user feature
  • minified version included
  • useable in a CMS systems as style or template editor

Thats what it look like:

Codeit IDE screenshot


You can find and download CODEIT IDE at my GitHub repository or at Sourceforge.

Thanks for Your interest.
Kind regards, Andy

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C. Klosterman

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